Monday, July 11, 2011

Indiana Jones Hat

So i have an awesome new hat
and i freaking love it!!

Its been a good weekend so far, friends birthday, we went to Sambucas for dinner, i had never been there but its somewhere in the deep pits of downtown Houston. It was pretty good! i had some shrimp cocktail and i ordered the margarita pizza haha i know, i'm just fancy that way ;] And there was a band playing, a cover band, and they were so awesome! The even played some Beatles songs! After dinner we went to a bar for drinks and i'm pretty sure in addicted to mojitos.
But of course i felt totally sick the next day :p
head pounding and everything lol

Today though feeling tons better, got some kims teahouse :] and movies later tonight

Oh, but today i noticed these self made fliers posted everywhere in my apartments so i stopped to read one. It said "WARNING!- The two names i cant remember- who live in these complex in APT 4902 break into other apartments and rob them! be careful! By-(name i cant remember)". So i went home and told my nephew about it who went out to go see it and found out it had been taken down. Well, i'm about to call the Apartment managers cause if someone steals my shit, i'm going to cut them.

So know what i also heard? That Casey Anthony ( lady who killed her little girl and got away with it) is goingto move to Houston. Pasadena to be exact.Fantastic. Funniest comment i heard about it though was  "well, lets pull a Casey Anthony on Casey Anthony!"  hhaha!

oh, and I decided to not be lazy and do i little vlog :]

here is the link to the band so go love it :]

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