Wednesday, August 3, 2011

i move the stars for no one


Thought i should drop a line, please take note that i'm not dead from this Houston heat yet.. Almost got me though. So i have been avoiding the heat for the most part of this week, cleaning, out and about a bit, sort of totally met someone ;p lol, oh and downloading a lot of new music! Know what i'm listening to over and over again? Josie and the Pussy Cats soundtrack!! i'm so freaking happy!! i know its ridiculous but seriously, the music is awesome haha i love it :] i can sing to it all day guys!

I'm going to go see that Captain America movie tomorrow with NM so that should be totally fun :] but i have heard equally good and bad things about the movie so i'm pretty interested to see how i like it and all. I hope its good :] And i hope the sun gods decide to let it be just a bit cloudy so i don't melt. I'm praying.

I was watching this show on black holes, Steven Hawkings' theory and others and what not, but i think black holes are one of the most interesting things to hear and learn about. It always amazes me thinking about it, i always want to learn more about it, anything having to do with space grabs my attention. It was a pretty awesome show :] One theory was that if someone was thrown into a black hole, they would not feel or know that their atoms were being pulled apart,but the person watching would be able to see it. So cool.

And i'm totally watching MeanGirls right now.
best movie ever. Seriously!

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