Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rant on idiots

Know what i cant stand? People who have convinced themselves that they are good people, good "Husbands"(Boyfriends), good fathers, good anything! I must say, its quite an amazing act to watch though! Did you really honestly think you're a good father?Or any of the above? I found that amazing! Actually i have to admit I did laugh a little, but only because I despise you oh so much. And what, parental issues? mommy didn't love you enough? get over it. You have a family now, man the fuck up. You are systematically saying people "disrespect" you, but guess what? There is nothing to respect to begin with! Respect is something you earn, just because you demand it like a whining child dose not mean you will get it. You can't be a good father if you're not even a good person to begin with. You don't provide for your family, you have no idea how to take care of a kid much less yourself. Just because you have a kid dose not automatically make you a good dad or father. I really thought you knew how much you sucked as a living creature. And I also thought you knew exactly how dumb you sound to everyone around you, I was wrong, but that dose not make it any less funny. To me at least. You sound like an illiterate fool when you speak. Just, don't talk. Let's see, your married, but talk/flirt constantly to a million girls/women, and I say girls because I know some of them were so not of legal age. You stay out late some nights doing god knows what (oh, we know what.), you constantly comment the pictures of anything that has a vagina, whether it's strangers, friends, family, family friends anyone! and what makes it worse is that you have absolutely no shame of it. You're a walking disgrace. You put it all out there on your social networking site for everyone to see. This is what makes you a bad husband, meeting girls online, calling/texting them, meeting with them. You see, this, makes you dirt. In fact it makes you less then dirt, it makes you nothing.

:] So yeah, you blow balls.

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