Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh World..

So world, internet world that is, how have you been? Good i hope, behaving yes? I've been running about and enjoying life, no really I have! Nothing too adventurous though. But im not inthe classes i was suppose to be taking this fall, unfortunately, Financial Aid sucks. But oh well! I'm still enjoying my year :] I've become even more of a coffee addict as well, it's pretty horrible, i think i might be a junkie haha. Let's see, i started dating someone :] yes yes, i have a heart, crazy right? Hush. He'll be the boyfriend or NM on here, you know me and my using peoples names as initials. WELL! It's going lovely, i don't think I've actually cared about someone, really cared, in a long while. It's nice missing someone, and looking forward to a day of being lazy with someone, tacobell lunch days, obsessing over the same shows and laughing non-stop, someone who supports my coffee addiction, someone i don't actually hate haha, i really do usually hate everyone haha. Oh and he got me this way awesome coffee cup from Roswell . It's so pretty! I have a collection of specific cups
that i only use for coffee and tea. And no one else can use them! i think they'll break them haha. And if you can tell, i make very pretty coffee. Whip cream and cinnamon on top and everything! hazelnut or Irish creamer, some sugar and it's good to go! I would have some now but i'm already a night owl and i don't really sleep too much. So i honestly have not wanted to really go out lately because it's just so hot outside, whether you're wearing shorts, a dress, a bikini or nothing!it's a damn oven! I can not wait for winter, for the smell of fall to sneak its way into my home, for scarfs, thick coats, knee high boots and more hot coffee! the possibility of snow, 20 degree weather, pumpkin carving, Halloween, RenFest, seeing family, gift wrapping and not to mention this year i'll be 21 :] i can have a beer anywhere!
Oh and as you can see, i changed the template of HeyJude, so i'll be needing a new banner! if anyone wants to give it a shot please do. Email the banners or just post them on the facebook fan page, i'll give credit and site links if you want :] I've also changed the template for the MonthOfDecember site, so go on and click the Writings tab up there and let me know what you think. i'm liking it a lot :]
and everyone please remember think very important piece of news! The new Doctor Who Episode is this Saturday night! Don't be late!!
ok bye :]

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