Friday, August 12, 2011

why is it soooo hot

I can do it!

Well i know i've been missing :] but i swear i have a good reason!
I've been writing a lot, i've been avoiding melting when i step outside, i've been preparing for the up and coming zombie apocalypse, been spending sometime with a certain someone :p been quite busy not quitting my coffee habit, and, some more writing!
You should really check out the writings tab up there if you have not yet, 2 new stories and a poem! and still working on Our Destined Red Planet II, sorry it;s taking forever but i'm very stuck on it. And writing this very short story that i think i might finish soon, i think some people may like it!
OH! soooooooo, guess who is coming to Houston?? OPETH!!! :]
In October, but its my goal to now go and experience their awesomeness live so i can soak it up like the weirdo i am!! lol.
I'd also like the world to know, i'm addicted to Gossip Girl. -_-"
their so evil!i cant stop watching!

So, i ended up going to the fine art museum on a date and i must say, that place beats a movie any day haha it was so fun! i hadn't been to that place in years!! saw Van Gogh, Monet, and tons more! but, coolest thing was the mummy of a 4 year old girl, crazzyy shit!! :] 

Heres some Van Gogh and me playing with some toy in the shop they had lol

We also went to the modern art museum and that place is weiiiirrrrd lol, weird in an interesting i don't quite get it kind of way, but interesting none the less!!

oh, and have i mentioned hot freaking hot it's been in Houston lately?? This whole week is at 99 or 100!! it's been getting to 104!! I can not stand the sun and the heat and the humidity here anymore! i need fall leaves, winter snow, christmas tree smell in the air and i need cold!!

Oh, and my AC has decided to die.
But, today i had a very lovely day :]
So, theres that.

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