Monday, September 19, 2011

Come on fall

So I've had my hair a red/orange colour for quite some time now, so I decides to go back to brown :) and I'm strutting the bangs :) oh yeah
So the weather around Houston has been changing a bit, it's still sort of hot but this morning it was 68! And there was a high of 88! :) I can feel fall heading this way! Finally haha I need to wear my coats boots and scarfs :) that and drag my man to go ice skating with me so I can race him then win ;) I'm sure he'll see this. Eat my dust!!! Or ice!! SO! Since winters heading this way it's loom for a new coat just for the fun of it time :) and I'm thinking red! It's about 70$, that specific one anyways, so I might look around some thrift stores for a cheaper one, but this one is so pretty :)
Well I'm off to lay in bed and be lazy!

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