Tuesday, September 6, 2011

good days ahead

Good day to you interwebs, or night i guess. So I've been on a few adventures lately and one of the most interesting one was going to Gritsy, it's some dubstep event, it was on Saturday. Now to start off, i totally considered dupstep as techno lol, and i totally admit that i didn't know the difference between the two, but i never listened to it to notice the difference either. I mean, i head techno before and asked them to put on real music haha, that poor Asian kid (lynne knows this haha) anyway!! it turns out i sorta love dubstep, it's pretty cool lol. It was crazy fun though! they had a wall of speakers,bass speakers? And i could feel my body vibrate haha so much that it tickled my nose and made me sneeze haha! It sounds like wob wob wawawawawawobwob lol, it dose. Really, but in an awesome way. So i think it's more of an experience thing, i really don't think i would have liked it as much if it wasn't a live thing. I plan on eventually going to another! And i totally want a shirt.

So what other shananagins have i gotten into? Well, I went and saw that Apollo18 movie with Nic and i have to say, it scared the hell out of me!! No joke man, i swear. Things just pop up! This is a movie that i actually don't want to give away the end of, for once. But there is one part that scared me, so i like yelped, covered my face and just sunk in the seat next to Nic hahahahah it was crazy awesome :] go see it! And be prepared!

Later we ended up driving out to La Porte with a drink and enjoyed the beautiful day at the beach, the weather was amazing! For Houston at least lol but amazing still! There were families out BBQ'ing, having fun and even flying kites. And the water was nice and cool, an awesome breeze was creeping all over, and man that water, the sound, smell look and feel always get me! i swear, ill just stand around and stare out at it forever lol. It was a pretty fantastic day :]
Oh, all of this was yesterday by the way.
Today was just a coffee and be lazy day though

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