Monday, September 12, 2011

a little walk

How goes it interwebs?

So last week Nic and i ended up taking a walk around that San Jacinto Memorial and it was pretty nice! It was hot but there was this constant breeze that felt amazing lol, and since in a fan of trees i very much loved it. I was being super amazing cautious about not walking into an ant pile though haha their evil! There was and area with a bench and the water, so we sat there for a bit and ah it was pretty :] even if the water is ugly lol it felt niiiiiice, oh and i was eaten by mosquitoes. They decided to bite me on the back of my thighs to make me go crazy. Bastards.
Las tnight we went to Mangos and it was nice, dead but nice haha, there was thins pretty awesome drummer in the first band. He was like crazy good i swear! all creative and shit, but i don't remember the bands name :/ lol
I've downloaded the Volume 1 and 2 albums of She&Him and i'm listening non stop :] i've always just heard them around, and thought to my self "oh i like this, i should download this some day", lol so i finally did! And i'm loving it all! its so, dancey and uppity, it puts me in a good mood. It makes you want to drive with all your windows down and the music up :]
ohoh Halloween is coming up! what should i be? i'm deciding if i should be a bunny like i was last year, or, go for something new? 
ok its coffee time now.
and! Blogger now has an app for iphone/itouch ans it's not shitty like all those 3rd party apps!
ok bye :]

Not my greatest hair day, thanks wind lol

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