Monday, January 31, 2011

go egypt go!

hey!! i know i know

ive been gone and busy, but im here now! hhow are you huh? Ive been all busy with school work of course, writing my english journals, reading my sociology book ya know. Ive had a sort of writers block with my other blog though :[ so i hope it dosent last too long, im hoping to have a story up this week.

Sorry about the random flower pictur again lol, on the other latpot again! :p

Its been good weather these past few days in the houston weather, meaning its not 25 degrees and its somewhat sunny lol. Today was a high of 72 :] tomorrow though, a low of 24 :[ wtf houston. again? really? Your breaking my heart!!

So has anyone been watching the whole Egypt *Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and Tusnia* protests? The people want democroacy, more freedoms, and a new leader. They want Mubarak to stap down as their leadr, and i say leader cause im not so sure he was even voted in as president fairly. He's been in control for like 30 years and is like what 83 years old? I think he dose need to step down, but in his speech ( which was so BS) she said he would implement a new government but would not step down. He is trying to blame everyone but himself it seems like, ya know? I got to say, America is not perfect, its not always fair, there will always be problems but im damn glad and proud i live here because i see what some other countries are like, no right, senseless killings, rape, dictation, its all so scary and it makes me glad to be here, even if half of us are probably morons lol. Its better then what it all could be, gotta be thankful. Kudos to you Egypt, i hope no one else dies while protesting :[ be careful!! <3

Pictures from the protests:

So im at kims tea house, just did some more english work, was going to do my Psych too but ill do it tomorrow, its all gloomy out and its making me all lazy lol.

So a friend of mine is a tattoo apprintice and can finally have customers of her own and is doing small tattoos for 20$, at least, so i think i might get one this weekend! i have something in mind, having to do with The Beatles song Blue Jay Way :]

ok i heading home now!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

at the heart of things, yo.

how do you do!

are you confused about that flower up there?
well im on a different laptop right now so there were limited pictures,

ive been a bit busy with school starting and being sick, so sorry for the lack of updates. Im taking an English class, Sociology class and a Psychology class, and so far imm liking them all! i just need my english books now, i have my psych book on the laptop and a friend gave me the sociology book so yay for saving money!

Today is very gloomy and rainy, it makes me want to go to a coffee house, have a soy sommething, bring my laptop and type away! but! all the good coffee shops that i love are either closed forever or to far. :/ i perfer the more im-a-actual-human-being atmosphere as opposed to a franchise type atmosphere. you know what i mean, yes?

So i came across a site a former school mate is hosting, its non- profit and very informative. It can help some people seeking assistance in their illness who are warry of asking help.

Its a fresh site, so its still gaining veiws, followers, members and what not. I think it can be a very helpful site to the people its for. This is to help not only the Manic deppresive/ bi- polar, its for people with friends or family of the sort, to help you to understand how they might be feeling the way their feeling. The have tips for finding help with a psychologist, they have a hotline for counseling and a suicide hotline as well. There are also help site for people with addictions and who are seeking help for it. I hope some of you check this site out, maybe spreadt the word too, i just thought id you know, throw this out there for you guys, just in case :]

i dont have much to really post up for yall this week :/ its been a bit boring, i really need to go buy some more paper for my psych and soci class, need to set up my printer and print the ppt notes from psych and what else? hm, i should writte a new story on the 2nd blog too huh? Check it out if you havent read any of the stories :]

ok i need to do some school things and stuff!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

what happened to your Zodiac sign?

your zodiac sign corresponds to the position of the sun relative to constellations as they appeared over 2200 years ago!

The science behind astrology may have its roots in astronomy but don’t confuse these two disciplines. Astronomy can explain the position of the stars in the sky but it’s up to you to determine what, if anything, their alignment signifies.

The Constellations of the Zodiac

The ecliptic, or the position of the Sun as it’s perceived from the revolving Earth, passes through the constellations that formed the Zodiac - Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Zodiac signs were originally determined by which constellation the Sun was "in" on the day you were born.

Early astronomers observed the Sun traveling through the signs of the Zodiac in the course of one year, spending about a month in each. Thus, they calculated that each constellation extends 30 degrees across the ecliptic.

However, a phenomenon called precession has altered the position of the constellations we see today.

Precession and Astrology

The first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere was once marked by the zero point of the Zodiac. Astronomers call this the vernal equinox and it occurs as the ecliptic and celestial equator intersect.

Around 600 BCE, the zero point was in Aries and was called the "first point of Aries." (Figure 1) The constellation Aries encompassed the first 30 degrees of the ecliptic; from 30 to 60 degrees was Taurus; from 60 to 90 degrees was Gemini; and so on for all twelve constellations of the Zodiac.

Unbeknownst to the ancient astrologers, the Earth continually wobbles around its axis in a 25,800-year cycle. This wobble—called precession—is caused by the gravitational attraction of the Moon on Earth's equatorial bulge.

Over the past two-and-a-half millennia, this wobble has caused the intersection point between the celestial equator and the ecliptic to move west along the ecliptic by 36 degrees, or almost exactly one-tenth of the way around. This means that the signs have slipped one-tenth—or almost one whole month—of the way around the sky to the west, relative to the stars beyond.

For instance, those born between March 21 and April 19 consider themselves to be Aries. Today, the Sun is no longer within the constellation of Aries during much of that period. From March 11 to April 18, the Sun is actually in the constellation of Pisces! (Figure 2) See also Figure 3, which demonstrates the precession of the equinoxes from 600 BCE to 2600.

Your "Real Sign"

The table below lists the dates when the Sun is actually within the astronomical constellations of the Zodiac, according to modern constellation boundaries and corrected for precession (these dates can vary a day from year to year).

You will most likely find that once precession is taken into account, your zodiac sign is different. And if you were born between November 29 and December 17, your sign is actually one you never saw in the newspaper: you are an Ophiuchus! The eliptic passes through the constellation of Ophiuchus after Scorpius.

Now you really have something cool with which to start that conversation!

Check out your “real” zodiac sign below

Capricorn - Jan 20 to Feb 16
Aquarius - Feb 16 to Mar 11
Pisces - Mar 11 to Apr 18
Aries - Apr 18 to May 13
Taurus - May 13 to Jun 21
Gemini - Jun 21 to Jul 20
Cancer - Jul 20 to Aug 10
Leo - Aug 10 to Sep 16
Virgo - Sep 16 to Oct 30
Libra - Oct 30 to Nov 23
Scorpius - Nov 23 to Nov 29
Ophiuchus - Nov 29 to Dec 17
Sagittarius - Dec 17 to Jan 20

So, this means i was a Capricorn and now im a Sagittarius and i must say, im quite unhappy with this abrupt change.

The new zodiac sign Ophiuchus will forever remind me of Orphius from the matrix, any way heres the skinny on the new guy : The Ophiuchus constellation is a man wrestling with a serpent and dividing his body in two (wait, it gets better).“It is the only sign of the zodiac linked to real men, sharing traits with Imhotep, a 27th century BCE Egyptian doctor, and biblical Joseph.”
Ophiuchus turns out to be a healer, a doctor, a man of medicine, and a scientist. He is intellectual and enlightened — achieving high success and authority in life.

So my nephew Aiden is a Orphius, dec.16 2010,
who else? leave a comment and let me know if you are AND if your happy about it?

But i gotta say, comparing the traits of Capricorn and Sagittarius, i probably DO seem more lke a Sag then a Cap.

Monday, January 10, 2011

If your real, then show me who you are

So i totally just CANNOT sleep.
i havent been sleeping very well these past few weeks, lastnight i didnt fall asleep till about 5:30am, i swear. And i was just tossing and turning,non stop. its so annoying, maybe i should get sleeping pills that are like uber good.

So yesterday was Virginas birthday, it was pretty fun even though it was cold out lol. we ate at some mexican restaurant, it was pretty good but i didnt eat much lol i pretty much ate celery and ranch. I got to have 2 margaritas though! and they werent half bad either lol.

So i absoloutly hated the weather today, it was like grave yard gloomy, not really rainy but misty, and it was cold. Now ive said before, i like winter and i do, i just dont like winter when i can wear a tank top one day and i have to wear 3 layers of clothes the next. Houston, make up your mind. Your killing me.

New Short story up on the second blog, i like it, it was slightly inspired by a movie i love because its a dark kinda given up hope film, but i cant ever, i swear ever, remember the name. I just cant hold onto it, ill try to remember it when i find out what it is and poof, i forget.

oh well.

i wish i could go outside right now. I wish i had a house in a not so sketchy kind of neighbor hood, then id have a swing/bench outside on the front porch so i can sit, drink me up some coffee, ponder the universe! lol, have a big dog. There are countless reasons.

I hate when people tend to disappear during the winter holidays due to work, its unfair. Some places really get out of control-people getting trampled and dying- crazy. I hate the situation not them, stupid situation! Now who am i suppose to complain about not sleeping for hours on end with? hmmm? :p That poor interweb hoe bag, you know who you are! <3 lol

ok i have nothing to ramble on about anymore, maybe ill put my time into another story?

adieu !!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

here comes the sun

So my new years was awesome! The girls and i went to discovery green together for the fire works but we got there at like 8 so we waited till 12 midnight and damnit got cold fast haha. We brought mikes hard lemonade, smirnoff ice thingys and champagne. I didnt drink the champagne lol. the fire works were really cool! i got a video of it so lets see if i can load it up on here. Im at kims teahouse so if i cant load it ill just edit this post later and put the video up, we shall see!

So hows everyone! :] ready for classes to start up again? well the highschool classes have already started, college classes star on the 18th for everyone here as far i know.

Lets see what else has happened? Today is Virginas birthday dinner! so im going to that tonight, going to go get her a gift from Target, Chris V. just got here, god he's fat. hahaha :D i know he'll see this.

Oh so, my laptop is being shit right now! ok, so the battery was fucking up and it woundnt charge for some reason i could not for the life of me figure out why! my dad said that sometimes laptop battery are just bad, they die faster then others sometimes, so mine it dead. Now i have to have it plugged in all the time. :[ But a new one dosent cost too much its like 45$ stupid laptop. i want an Alienware laptop lol, if i had one of those my dad would seriously kill me for it haha its that badass.

i want a MacBookPro now :[

God this video is taking forever to load up! its at 77%



:[ it wouldnt load, chris is bad luck.
ill put it on youtube then link it on here later!

oh! so! linkin park is coming in febuary! :] i dont care what people say i love them so much! his voice it awesome! though, i dont love the new stuff to much. I checked the set list and its the good shit! i wanna go!

ok well ima go now!!

^^^ new short story up on the second blog :]