Monday, May 14, 2012

The written word, sexy?

I think I have to completely agree with that mug, reading is very much sexy, or it should be. Where would the world be with out the beloved written word? I can say that reading has honestly kept me out of a world of trouble. Mostly by helping me keep my little mouth shut. Those times I sat in the school cafe and couldn't help the blithering idiots around me yelling about their life, I let myself sink into The Great Gatsby. When I was bombarded in my home by people I despise, I found a sunny spot on the porch and drifted into the words of The Lovely Bones. Its a good escape from people, bas situations, the world, and its relaxing. Especially if you have a lavender milk bath running and some music playing. I don't think it should matter what you read either, wether its a book written by a college dropout or a book filled with sparkling vampires and whatnot, you're reading and that's fantastic. In fact, it's sexy! You can read, comprehend sentences and your enjoying the story running through your head, sexy indeed.

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