Sunday, May 6, 2012

"growing up psychic"

So I'm a firm believer in the paranormal, in spirits that walk among us, lost or unwilling to move on, bad and good, and in people who ave different abilities having to do with the paranormal. From actually speaking with them and seeing them, to feeling their emotional pain, to predicting future events big and small, to finding someone's pain using their energy. I have friends who are some of these people and I have my own stories to tell as well, but for a bunch of these people feeling like and out cast is a problem. I mean, how do you tell your parents you know when and how your grandpa is going to die? Or that there is a shadow in your room watching you? Well for me it wasn't too bad as these things run in my family, but I think it's really not the case for everyone. I have been reading a book called growing up psychic by chip coffey, and it is honestly one of the best books out there to help you feel less alone, to understand what the hell is going on around you, how to manage what seems like chaos, and to let you know you are most deffinetly not alone in this. This is a must read for anyone out there suspecting their child or themselves to be sensitives. It's empowering. And it sort of gives you hope. And yes, I know there is atleast one person out there reading this and thinking I'm crazy and it's all just not real, that I "need help", well you don't have to read this so screw off :) and if this sounds completely related to you know that you're not alone! :)

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