Monday, May 14, 2012

A little bit of Nevaeh

So my niece was born this past May 8th, she is 7lbs and small as hell, I decided to post a little something for her :) I have 2 other nephews as well, Aiden who's about a year and a half and Antonio who's 11yrs old :) two proud big brothers! My sister had a cesarian section (do I add the section?) so getting Nevaeh out didn't take too long, but man was that hospital cold! But hey at least they had wifi. Also when I was in the waiting area a loud alarm went off and a woman on the intercom was saying "code pink, level two, elevators" and the 2nd level was the nursery. I was on the third level and I had just left the 2nd level. The other people on the waiting room and I started discussing the small chance a crazy woman was trying to steal a baby. But, I'm sure that didn't happen. So now I can buy tiny dresses and cute tiny shoes. :)

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