Friday, May 11, 2012

Back to Vegas and a New Niece

So we went to Vegas again, home away from home, and we planned on getting a hotel room at the Flamingo on the strip which we did, but the best thing happened. They upgraded us to a huge pretty much an apartment suite on the top floor :] oooh yeah. It was amazing, huge! Big screen tv in the living room, a dining room, two bathrooms, a dressing area and a bed room with a king bed :] and a beautiful view!!!! When we got to our room i seriously gasped at just seeing the huge double doors haha :] Vegas was having some great weather, all in the 90's, sunny with a small constant breeze and the perfect weather for pools and dresses. Oh and i had the best pineapple mojito at Caesars Palace, it hit the right spot :] got a dress and a jumper at H&M. The dress is black with tiny white flowers and the jumper is a light beige color :] Oh so the flights over there were a little scary this time, for me at least lol Nic was calm while i was digging my nails into the seat. There was cloudy and stormy weather leaving so there was a bit of turbulence, and it freaked me out, especially where the lights were going on and off haha. a fantastic trip :] now i'm ready for Florida beaches!

Oh, and, my niece was born May 8th, 7lbs and super small!!

Her name is Nevaeh.

Now Vegas!

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