Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sneak Peek! DIY: wedding programs!

If you haven't noticed, I love to go the route of DIY, for bookmarks, parties, gifts and right now, my upcoming wedding! Today in doing our wedding program and we decided like the rest of the wedding, it shall be DIY! So, here we go.

First step is finding a template, or design for your program (or invite).

When I had gone to Michaels for some craft materials I browsed their invitation section. And I was surprised to find that they sold kits for making your own invitations and programs! Very cool. The thing I did not enjoy too much was the price, running up to 80$. Being a frugal penny pincher, that was way to much! So I figured, well, all I need is a template that I can edit the wording of- ill check Etsy! And there, I found an abundance of people selling their designs templates! For between 5-20$! What. A. Deal. We decided on a template that had a lovely heart at the top of the page, with the ceremony all laid out (you can also edit the writing!). The one we chose was a whopping 8$!

Here is what it looked like:

No specialty paper, no edits, plain template.

Next, since you'll be printing from home, make sure your printer has ink, is set up to receive commands from your computer. We are going to be making hole punches at the top of the cards so we can tie a bow with twine, so if you want to do that you will need a hole puncher, scissors, and a spool of twine, and make sure you go out and buy the kind of paper you want! We are going with a brown type paper.

Here it is: I got a pack of this paper at Office depot, 250pgs, thick and perfect for programs and invitations!

Once you finish editing the words, if you decide to change or add to what it says, you will go ahead and print! I ended up printing two cards to a page. So if you do this, you will have to cut out each card.

I got these other materialist Walmart! Good price too. And of course you will need coffee, to keep yourself awake!

Next you will punch the holes in the cards, cut up the amount and correct length of twine you will need, and pull the twine through!

Once that's all done, its time to tie bows!!  Cute, tiny and the final touch!
And then the finished product!

our wedding is in three more days! I am feeling really proud of all the DIY wedding projects we have been doing for this special day. It makes it that much more special and unique. I haven't put every project on here because as you can imagine, I am busy! Moving today and wedding errands to complete in three days! But I do hope whoever is taking looks at these posts loves them as much as I do. I can't wait to be Mrs. Ariel Morales <3 p="">


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