Sunday, April 12, 2015

All About Mordecai!

About two years ago Nic and I found this little fella outside, abandoned by his new mother. He seemed to be the runt of the litter , and she didn't want him. So she just left him in the middle of the yard. When we took him in, he fit perfectly in our hands. Just looking at him, you could tell he was the runt, but also, they he was definetly sick.
When we took him to get checked out, the vet said he had a very bad ear infection, so bad they the poor little black kitten wouldn't raise his head at all! He always had it laying to his left, basically on the ground. They pretty much told us he was a loss cause, is sick with more than an ear infection, and just is not worth it. BUT, he had our hearts. We kept him, gave him all the medicines he needed and soon he started to look better! but he just would not raise his head, weeks later and he still leaned it to the far left.
One day he just started running around and we were beyond happy!! He was getting comfortable with us and our home. As he ran around we noticed, he ran with his head still leaning to the left. We realized that having that ear infection heal with his lying on his left ( cause it hurt him too much to move) made his head permanently lean to the left. It was odd, sad and cute. But he was alive and getting healthier! and thats what counted.
His oddest quirk has to be when he panics, he has no idea what to do, or where to go. So he runs in a circle heading to the left- yup. Poor thing! He'll run for a full minute if he's really freaked out. Like the day we brought him to our new apartment, he did nothing but run in circles for about five minutes before retreating to the safety under the bed.

He is finally, getting use to this new home and he honestly seems happier than he was before- having us both here with him. His head is still leaning to the left, I'm sure that will never change- but his mood is beyond sunny!
I thought it'd be nice to share the story of our little love with you- he's so special to us. And such a sweet little creature.

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