Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Home Sweet Home

Today i am feeling pretty thankful, because Nic and I have finally moved in together! The feeling of having your own home, just the two of us is so amazing- i am so beyond happy. I love our home, its a combination of both of us and jeez it shows. Needless to say, i brought about a million books with me. Honestly most of my boxes were filled with books, and he handled moving them like a champ! what a fella. I thought id share a few pictures of our up and coming cozy home! We still have the dinning room to set up, I've been using that space for empty moving boxes and general trash, so its the only untidy spot here! And today, i tried to put together the book shelf, and i got two parts put together, but that was as far as i got. I just couldn't figure out how to put it all together! So my husband (feels good to say it! husband!) put it together!

I think my favorite part of our apartment has to be the back wall with all of our frames, some new some antiques, and the book shelf. The frames always reminds me of the heights antique shops because that is normally where we go for fun sunny off days together. Needless to say, we will be adding to that wall. Under the frames is a small royal blue bench with two cute pillows. We got the bench from target (thanks to our wedding gift cards, we have plenty of room for sitting!). We wanted sort of a small reading nook area- but also wanted the option of moving the seat when company was over. We love that bench!

The book shelf, the awesome wonderful bookshelf which carries some of my favorite things. Books! in fact, i had too many books and had to take up the two shelves above our built in desk. Is it weird that I felt proud I needed more book space? The little nic-nacs on the book shelf are from our travels, Hawaii, Mexico, Puerto Rico- We love to travel.

We are planning on buying the dinning room table and chairs next weekend, so that room is still bare and waiting to be prettied up! Along with our own room, which is missing a few things, we just need the time to move the furniture in is all!

One thing ill mention is that in every photo here, there is a wedding gift we got from friends and family. And i just want to say thank you, thank you so much for taking the time to go out and think of us. For attending our wedding and celebrating with us. We got so many lovely things from everyone, and they are helping us start our lives and marriage just right. Thank you.

Also, again, I'm still loading wedding pictures (there are a million!) and will be doing a wedding post soon! Thank you for checking out my little corner on the internet!

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