Monday, April 13, 2015

Lovely Little Critters: My store

So for a while I have been wanting to open my own online store, and make my own postcards and bookmarks. I have actually made some bookmarks as gifts for people, and they loved them. And it made me think, what are things I like to make? well, I love cute little bookmarks and cute postcards! So after doing some searching and some rough drafts of little designs, I decided to make a few postcards to try to sell! This is something i've been thinking about doing for a while, but never thought it would be something people would like or even notice honestly. Well, i'm taking the plunge anyway!
I decided to go with Zazzle because they make it pretty easy to set up a store, and I named my store LovelyLittleCritters! I want it to have a woodlands critters feel to it as a base theme, but along with other cute little things I design on postcards. And I'm going to be making as many as i can! I even added some stamp designs to go with the postcards! I love this, creating little things that I'm proud of. I really hope you check out my store, wether you buy a card or not, send me some love and feed back! I want to be successful in this! And I want to share my lovely little journey with you!


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