Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So if your lonely, You know im here waiting for you

* sniffles* COUGH COUGH!!!

hellooooooo -_-
im all sicky and icky, but! my throat isnt burning anymore!

Im over at Kims tea house, using their interwebs cause i STILL have none of my own lol, i had a chemistry test this morning, i dont think i did too well, i was just so blah from being sick i couldnt focus on the last five questions, their the kind you work out and all. I did two and left the last three cause i had to go. I needed meds. I got some dayquil! came to kims, got a big ol' cup of hot green tea with honey. And my throat is already feeling better. The cough is lessening and the flem is going away. But my nose is still super stuffy :[ i sound all funny.

mmmmm, dayquil.

So ive been having somewhat of writers block with my other blog. This is different i just write what im thinking, but im just at a pause on my other blog. I started up a story maybe a week ish ago, and i havent finished it yet :/ Ill get to it! Maybe its just cause ive been real busy with the move and all, the living room is still not all unpacked lol.

i know youve noticed, maybe, if your in houston too, but its cold! and i guess no one was prepared for the cold (as usual in houston) cause as you know we are the bi- polar city! and on no, we cant just stick to one seasonal weather, it has to change drasticly ALL the time. 75-80 one day and 30-40 the next. So, everyone is sick lol, at least im not alone right? cause you can bum some Halls cough drops and DayQuil off of anyone around haha.

oh man, i forgot to buy cough drops :[

So ive fallen in love with Pandora Radio all over again. Its just pure awesome. Make a station based around a band you love, and hear tons of song by simular artists. Im on my "The Distillers Radio station" right now, :] been in a punkish kinda mood and all. To me, its pretty much some of the best music. I think i like it because everyone can join in, you yell and yell, you can dance around and just feel awesome. Turn it up loud and yell fuck you to the world haha, its nice. But i also have a "The Beatles Radio Station", which i constantly sing along to. , go on, go enjoy an eargasim. lol.
My radio has Social Distortion on right now :]

someone get online and talk to me, lol no one is on! and im sorta really bored. I dont want to leave kims though, its too cold out there. Plus ima eat me a veggie sandwich in a few :p

Oh, yesterday, i had two bowls of tomato soup, and a bowl of Pho :] it was so freaking good.

Thats my pandora radio site thing! i didnt even know it had a profile thing lol, i should make it look pretty. But there it is if you want to listen in on my stations or whateverr.

ok im going to find something to do with my time nooow

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