Sunday, December 26, 2010


im on a different laptop so heres a random picture.
pretty, eh?

i know i havent been updating much, but its been a weird past two to three weeks. Ive been feeling so out of touch lately, maybe its the weather? maybe im sick? i dont know. Ive been having these crazy head aches too, they last all day and i mean super bringing me to tears mmy head is going to explode painful. It started getting worse gradully. im just taking normal pills for it right now but, im going to go to the doctor soon, as soon as january hits cause thats when the insurance starts again lol. This will suck, but only for a bit longer! ughh, i wish i was sleepy.

ANYWAYYY, what did you guys do for christmas? i spent it with family, we had the present unwrapping at my sisters place. It was fun i got a new scarf,hat glove set and a body wash thing. It was fun, had a bbq rib dinner.

im watching house right now, sorta love this show.

so its JUST sorta kinda started getting cold, and its only somewhat cold. Why dose houston continue to torture me so.

I really dont have much to write but im trying lol. I wish i had some like, nachos right now or something, i want to adopt a new cat, i want to go rnning but i dont think i should go alone cause i support the buddy system!, i wish is would snow houstons versions of snow, i would totally love some pupusas right now too best food ever, i want to go to corpus, i want to go to london, i want to go to ireland, and i want to go to paris, i would love to go ice skating right now that or to the roller rink..

ok thats enough for now!

:] have a good day/night

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