Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No sleep for the restless

this world can be an amazing supreme perfectly horrible awesome idiotic sunshine filled black hole ridden place sometimes. But all i have to really say is to try to keep optimistic. Go ahead and punch something every once in a while, sing your heart out. Just please remember that its never the end of the world, wether its a huge big uber deal or a small one, its never the end of the world, its the end of a chapter and a new one will start.

Like my wisdom? ;]
oh yeahh, haha

So its winter break now, and its not very wintery at all. Its kind of disappointing but i love just wearing my sandals all the time. I have a feeling that January will be freezing though, like winter weather is late.
Lets see, Aiden was born and oh my god he is cute, and such a good baby too! he hardly ever fusses or cries. Christmas is this saturday and i know antonio is going to love my gifts i got him :] best aunt ever, right here lol.

My birthday is this upcoming tuesday, the 28th :] ill be 20, its like a tease birthday. You can almost drink legally in public with friends but oh,not quite yet.

i need fooooood.

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