Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sometimes I think this place is such a mess, I'd like to just sit and watch it burn

Still a bit sicky :[
but! i can breathe even more now!!
:] god i love breathing.


So its been a slow few days. On thursday i went out with my ladies. Had The Egg and I with lynne and, it was pretty good. I had the banana strawberry walnut waffle. it was like, a diabetic coma waffle, so good! haha. Their coffee was pretty good too, hazelnut. Went and saw that movie RED with lynne and tash, lol it was pretty cool, i love the older lady, she is such a beast haha. We also ate at this fancy french restaurant, that was pretty good too, i had like this spinach ravioli thing, pretty nice, and lots and lots of hot tea while coughing my lungs out haha.

i bought that medicine, Mucinex, and dude, it works awesomely. Like no joke! i suggest that for during the day if your sick, and then the robutusin NightTime for adults, for well night time. Dont cheap out and get the knock off shit! AND finally, your portable life saver, the Vics Vapor Inhaler. OOOOh mann. That saved me. I could finally breathe! so i completely urge you to get that before sunday! if your in houston, cause its going to hit 30 if you didnt know.

Im obsessed with the weather.

i thought this was funnyyyyy :]

haha i love the bell.

Lets see, what else is there. Oh, everyone is doing this thing on FaceBook where you put your profile picture as your favorite cartoon character! i thought it was cool lol, so i put this

i liiiike jasmine! :] i know what your thinking, wpuldnt Ariel like Ariel the little mermaid? well yes, yes i do. But i always hear that! ok. Like, if i introduce myself " hi, im ariel." i get in response, "oh, like the little mermaid huh? heehee"

But anyway lol, go change yours now, just do it, doooo iiiiit, i like seeing all the cartoons and stuff. like "ahhhh real monsters!" "hey arnold!" " rocos modern life" :fox and hound" i was like oooooh i remember these haha :] its fuuuuuuuuuuuUUUUuuuUuuUuuuuunN.

GoD I hAtE wHeN pEoPlE tYpE lIkE tHiS!!

it takes forever.

SO the transiberian orchestra is comeing this sunday :[ i didnt knoooow! i thought they would be here later in the month. I went one time for my birthday, a former awesome friend of mine took me for my birthday, and i gotta say, it was pretty much the best gift i ever had.

even though our seats werent like the pit or on the firsst floor, it was fucking amazing! Best Gift everr.

So im trying to plan like, a dinner type thing for my birthday but i cant pick a place. Im horrible at making decisions lol, im indecisive! i was thinking of making everyone going laser tagging for my birthday haha. im not sure. i think my mom is going to get me that Princess by Vera Wang perfume as a combined xmas bday gift lol, she dosent have that much to spend, its cool, id rather use the holiday money on my nephews. i sorta really want an iHome, or like a GPS for my car haha, jesus knows how lost ill get.

So did you know, that Apple is making/made a new iTouch?? it has a camera, front and back, like the phone. wtf. im so mad haha i want it. stupid Apple, and your tricks. I knew you would do this to me!! DBag!!

So its pretty hotish outside. Not houston-summer-im-being-cooked-alive hot, but, well our its-cold-one-day-and-hot-the-next winter weather hot. you know? lol, all the people in houston are nodding and the others think im weird -_-

But i seriously am about to go home and change into shorts, i swear.

i hope i end up doing what i want to do tonight :]

bYe < SeE Is ThAt AnNoYiNg Or WhAt??

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