Sunday, February 6, 2011

i move the stars for no one

Oh haiiii!! :D

^^ yeahhh its the only picture with a jersey that i have haha, Houston Texans :p you have to help em' out a bit ya know?
So super bowl today!! Yeah im not too excited about it, i like Rugby, Hockey, Baseball and soccer so Super Bowls not to big in my eyes lol, but, im siding with the green bay packers for two reasons! ONE i like the colors lol TWO there is a Green Bay Packers headquarters bar next to my place and i dont want to be jumped :p lol so, GREEN&YELLOW!

Im so fucking relieved that it not 20 outside anymore, what was that anyway, Houston was going crazy, Dallas got 2.2ft of snow, it was like the almost apocalypse! Well today it was sunny, clear skys, nice breeze, i even wore my sandals lol.

Ah so i wrote up a new story the other day, its a Valentines Day type theme and so far ive heard great feed back on it :] If you havent read it please do and enjoy, or leave feedback! My dad thinks i should write a -boy meets girl, boy loves girl, boy loses girl, boy wins girl back- story, so i think thats the new story theme ill be going by, in that one, no one will die, finally lol.

Ive been doing a lot of writing this weekend, lots for school anyways

Id really like to go to kims teahouse right now and write/type up a story but i want to use my laptop damnit, and theres still no new battery for it :/ its just annoying.

Well i need to print up some things, write out a story and i think ill watch me some Buffy :]

Love you long time!!

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