Monday, February 14, 2011


well, ive had the flu all weekend :[
and im taking some meds now and thank raptor jesus im feeling better, but not quite completly! ahh, i hate being sick, it puts me back on my hw and studies, especially the flu! oh my god, it was painfull dude! i totally felt like my whole body pulsing, and it was hurting, it hurt to even walk! i was super feverish, shaky, coughing my lungs out, it was horrible. I slept most of the time and pretty much didnt eat, just liquids, i wasnt hungry. Finally started getting hungry again today though lol. At kims tea house doing my english work that i missed out on :p oh and happy valentines day to you guys

jesus the flu is horrible.
and i dint even have it that bad compared to others!
and i swear i took like 50 boiling hot showers, it was the only thing helping lol

immune system fail :[ haha
this isnt a long post


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