Monday, February 21, 2011

mmmm, coconut tea :p

^^ painted that out of boredom the other day :]

Salutations and greetings!
first things first, how are you?

i had a nice full weekend! like, full to the max no down time tiring weekend lol. Today is my downtime, Monday, presidents day and i have no class :] its nice.

Well Friday i was suppose to go bowling, a bunch of us met up at Alejandro's house and we planned to go bowling, there were um, 6 of us. Well two didn't show up, one of which had the car to all go in cause it was big. lol, so we ended up going to the roller rink! you know, the one on dairyashford. If your in Houston, you know. Well of course it was filled with little kids everywhere, and that wasn't so bad because all you have to do id doge them. But the arrogant douche bags who work there but were off but were there anyway, they were the ones to watch out for. You see, they are pretty good in line skaters and all, they have the uber nice skates and know all the tricks. But they go so fast around these kids and they literally jump in front of you, cut you off and you fall. Who dose that? what an asshole. One of them actually picked up a cone, skated around the rink once with it, put it back exactly infront of a little girl who wiped out pretty bad. i was like >:0 - Douche!! that same bastard kept cutting me off too.


After getting home around like what, midnight? My grandma B was at my house, some family were visiting Houston for the weekend so they dropped my grandma off at our place. It was pretty cool, we ended up bbq'ing a lot on Saturday, but i also went to the mall to buy some clothes from Forever21, i love that store to freaking death. I got this awesome shirt, its loose, has two big pink flowers on it, got a pair of navy shorts that im loving :] and some new sandals. Also went off to Sallys beauty supply with my mom, i got this conditioner that is suppose to help your hair to be more vibrant, bring out the color and all so we'll see how that goes.

Sunday we went to the flea market! i love it there lots of random things and lots of food. We got there and the line to get in was ridiculous! it took like 30 minutes! it was because it was such a pretty day, but really? and! they only had one line taking money for parking, wtf? lol.
Well we got there and oh man it was full lol, but fun. I got some fruit with chili :] yummm, i like the coconut the best. We were there for like 6 hours lol i got this

i dont normally like gold but i loved this :]

So the winter killed my plants :[
and the plants in my apartments too
why god! whyyy!!!

Actually, one of my plants survived, my lemon tree plant :]

AND!!! i wanted to show you guys how to make a little snack :] i have no idea what the name is.

1. you need viggie oil, two tortillas, i use flour, and cinnamon sugar, just cinnimon and sugar mixed.

2. Pour the veggie oil in a pan and let it heat up, a small deep pan is preferred

Next, make sure you have napkins down on the plate to soak the oil when you pull the tortilla off.

3. To see if the oil is hot enough, touch part of the tortilla into the pan. If it starts to sizzle, its ready, if not, give it a minute or two.

4. when the oil is ready, put the tortilla in and let it fry until its a nice toasty light brown color. Use two forks to flip it over, do the same. Then pull it off and onto your plate with a napkin.

5. When your done with the first tortilla, sprinkle your desired amount of cinnamon sugar on it. Then, you can make another, or eat!

Hope you enjoy it <3

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