Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Here comes the sun!

so i'm feeling better!!
The meds are working great :] but i get tired earlier and earlier, like last night i think i fell asleep at like 7pm, fucking early! Right?

Its a Wednesday so all i had was Psychology, and it was taking forever cause i really really needed to pee haha, but he wont let us leave to use the restroom! its unfair. So i was distracted by that haha. Oh and, since tons of people tend to be late to his class, though it starts at 9:30am and its not that early, he told everyone that when the door is closed it means you are late and you can not come in. So just go home. Harsh, but its stupid how late people come in, like an hour into class. Why even come? you missed it all! its annoying. There are even some people who are late for tests, morons. lol.

You know that saying, "there are no stupid questions", well i kindly disagree. If you could take my English class with me, you would see that there are plenty of stupid useless idiotic questions. Im going to snap! i will destroy them i swear -_-'

Mmm, im at kims tea house and just had myself a veggie sandwich, my coconut tea and some chips :p i love this place haha im here almost every other day. Ah i was starving though!! Oh and fellow Houstonians ( Houstonites?) have you stepped outside?? you really should! it is very pretty! not too sunny, but pretty none the less! its so nice, im wearing shorts :D oh yeah.

So ive hit writers block again with the love story where no one dies. Its like, the story is all in my head but its tangled up, and i cant get it out onto paper. But, i have thought of another plot for a murder story :] those just come so much easier to me lol. But again, i have not written that one down either, i try and i get all twitchy. Fail. lol

I miss my stupid devil cat :[ haha, i miss hating her damnit!!

I got flowers for Valentines Day :]
Like the Panorama view? or is it panoramic?

Oh and i did my nails while i was sick haha :]

Hm, i should take more pictures of my days to post up on here huh?
i will!

Bye! <3

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