Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Passion Fruit yum!

Good afternoon!
Its not too pretty out today :/

I just got out of my Psychology class, and i got to say it run long but i really like my professor. He is freaking hilarious!The way he explains things, is completely understandable and you find your self going " ooooooooOOOOOOOOOoooohhh" a lot. haha. Today he made it a point for us to see and understand why religion is not fact, and it belongs in Philosophy and i agree. Psychology is a science, it is facts. Again i agree. Some one in our class was trying to bring religion into our psychology discussion on behaviorism and stimuli and so on, and it ( the person) made no sense. I thought what they said was irrelevant. " but jesus was a person". ok? But religion is a belief, it cannot be proven, and it belongs in religious philosophy. And of course, these kind of things brought up in class leads to a conversation that never ends, its just argue argue argue, there is no end! its like no one is right lol.

i feel like im in a writing kind of mood today. I was thinking of a story last night, a sci-fi kind of story. Based in space, earth is inhabitable and i liked it but, i felt the idea was too played out. Agree? SIGH!

And i think ill see what comes of trying to write out that love story where no one Everything is still all jumbled!! :p

I put up a new post on my 2nd blog, , its from when my Grandpa was in hospis.

Well not too much has happened yet today! im about to get my passion fruit smoothie though :p

mmmmmmmmmmM!MMMmmmmm1mm1mmmM!M!m :D its like amazing dude :p"""

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