Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Favor? And things.

My boyfriends band was interviewed for Houston press Artist of the Week!! :] so you should all do me a solid and go read the article!!! click here yo!!! aw i'm so happy and proud of them :] a local band who actually sounds great live and on cd :] so go like and stalk their page too k? Stalk here!!!

so i haven't been busy, well not too busy, just lazy!! I guess i've pulled another little disappearing act on my site, but just for a few days! Today i was out with lynne all day, mugging muggles, raising hell, cursing rick perry, the normal. But thank god it involved coffee! i swear, i was going to destroy someone. Anyone. I'm a horrible person if i haven't had my morning joe, ya know? It was surprisingly nice outside!! about 75, not too hot not too cold, but i bet next week will be crazy and itll be like 40's all week. freaking Houston.

oh oh ooohohhh!!! :] my birthday is coming up soooooon! and i can order my own drinks and get into shows for free sometimes :] hehe. Finally.

oh and i got a hat from forever21 the other week for like 3 bucks!

i'm now going to obsess over hats.

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