Monday, December 19, 2011

Gadget deals!

So i'm somewhat of a tech geek at times, and I must say I love me some Apple products. Well with it being Christmas soon I was looking around online and found some great deals!!!! This site has some pretty interesting geek gadgets, and not just for the tech savvy crowd. I honestly use my iTouch for everything, its my calender, notepad, shopping list, it's everything! So being able to use discounts is amazing and I thought I'd share the knowledge!!! Its not just Apple deals that they have either, they have tons and tons of promotional codes for great stores! They also have deals for BestBuy for those movies or laptops you may want, they have discounts for that Dell laptop you've been looking at and even some coupons for Newegg!! I've always been a bit of a penny pincher, so i'm always on the prowl for good store deals. Usually I stick to sales at clothing stores but this site is something I found myself really interested in, especially since being a student, I want the best deals I can find on laptops, printers, binders, notebooks and things for classes! Go check out this great site!

Apple coupon code

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