Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Your own scrubs!

I've actually always wondered where people bought scrubs. I have some friends who are in different medical fields and they have some of the most interesting looking scrubs. Yeah they have solid colors but sometimes they have some of the cutest designs! I always thought they looked pretty uncomfortable, but some places have pretty comfy scrubs. I was led to , a site that not only sales some of the cutest scrubs, but also sales scrub hats, lab coats, shirts, jackets and tons more!! and at a pretty great price too. They have floral patterned scrub hats and they even have hot pink scrubs!!! I thought having a site where you can pick your favorite pair of scrubs for yourself was perfect! That way your not stuck with dull looking things. And you can even change it up through out the week with all the options you'd have! Personally i think i'd go for a light blue or purple haha.

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