Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winter Social!!!

Come out this Saturday, all day, and check out the Winter Social!! Music, people, and funnnnnn :] ima go! Oh, and a band called Shiny Toy Guns will be playing, their big, i think, so if ya like em come see them and lots of local talent!! My boyfriends band will be playing :]  its the unoffcial westfest!

So, on that note.. I was deciding will ill be wearing this weekend, Friday for the downtown tree lighting and Saturday for all those shows and what not. I had it planned out but then i realized it wont be cold! itll be like 72 and warm ish most of the day so i couldn't wear the boots i was planning to wear. And i had a show crises. 0_O"  lol its over now!! :] now coffee and harry potter time. 

Well, maybe ill get into finishing this story i started :]

OH!!!! :] :] :D 27 more days till im 21!!!!! :] i'll buy pretty drinks!!

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