Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Packing crisis and the return to Vegas

So I'm packing, or trying to pack, for Vegas this weekend :) we're staying for four days this time so we will finally have time to go to Freemont! We never really have time to go, so yay! :D but yes, I'm having trouble deciding what to bring. Shirts, shorts, dresses, under things, flats, sandals, a pair of jeans,a pair of black leggings, toiletries, book to read, headphones, charger, glasses/contacts, straightener, plane blanket. I'm pretty sure I'm all set! But jeez, I always no matter what have the urge to pre pack, I don't want to miss something or forget, so I pre prepare! But I honestly do that with everything. Nic on the other hand still hasn't packed! It drives me crazy haha and he always forgets something! :p he'll read this, babe go pack!!! Meow!! Lol.
Oh and I had coffee with Marina today, it was nice catching up and what not again. She got a new car and it is crazy cute!! It's tardis blue!!
Ok back to the clothing crisis that's living in my room!!

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