Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall gardening ideas!

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If you havent noticed, fall is on it's way and when that happens all of our plants tend to take a hit while the weather starts to change. I have a lot of plants on my porch and it really dose prove to be difficult to keep them going sometimes. One way to Find beauty in the Fall is to add some color and life out there!! Your garden dose not have to take a hit, and you can keep your porch looking beautiful with color for the coming season! Here is my favorite idea that I am pretty sure all you out there will love as well!


planting pansies

 The Easy Way: Plant Mums and Pansies

Mums and pansies are favorite standbys as fall flowers, with good reason. They look great, they can grow almost anywhere in the country, and they're usually easy to find at garden centers. You can group them in planters or flower beds, and they'll add color long after your perennials go dormant. But, if you want to try a different look, the next paragraph is for you.


 Include Natives in Your Plan

You can greatly enhance your fall garden garden by choosing plants native to your region. Some good choices include California poppy in the West, blackfoot daisy in the Southwest, big leaf aster in the Southeast, and New England aster or boltonia in the Northeast and Midwest.


 Provide a Healthy Home

Whether you choose mums and pansies or try your hand with local native flowers, you'll get the best results if give them a good environment for growing. For in-ground garden plantings, that means incorporating plenty of organic matter by adding soil amendments or Miracle-Gro® Garden Soil for Flowers & Vegetables to your native soil. Follow spacing and planting directions on the plant tags. For container gardens, use a specialized potting medium such as Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix or Miracle-Gro® Moisture Control&trade Potting Mix.

 Feed Your Flowers Regularly

Feed your fall plants with Miracle-Gro® LiquaFeed All Purpose Plant Food or LiquaFeed® Bloom Booster® Flower Food starting two weeks after planting. Follow a regular feeding schedule to produce beautiful blooms and healthy growth.



soaker hose

 Water as Needed

Even though summer's heat has passed, you may still need to water your flowers frequently if you live in the Southwest or a coastal region with warm winters and sandy soil. In areas such as the Northeast and Midwest, fall usually brings plenty of rain, but be sure to check the soil and water as necessary to provide your plants a steady supply of moisture.


This project will get you fully started on your Fall gardening and bring some natural beauty out! Plus mums and pansies are my favorite this to plant, they are cute, don't crawl and full of beautiful color. so go on and get started with your fall garden! 

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