Saturday, September 1, 2012

WoW, RNC, DNC, and Mermaids

Helloooooooooo :] It is now finally September! Yes! Fall is a coming and the weather better get cooler here in Houston cause it is still, melting. Hot. Humid. Blah. How have you been interwebs? Good I hope. I have been pretty good too!! It's all rainy here :/ and stormy. And the power kept going on and off so my wifi network was going crazy. And so were the other million computers in here.
Oh! So I have been trying to pay attention to the election this year, learning who has what to offer. I can actually vote this year and I think it is pretty important, so there is a chance we will only be a little screwed. Watching interviews and coverage at the RNC (republican national convention), watching Youtuber Philip Defranco and SourceFed doing live shows from the RNC and interviewing people. It's pretty great what they are doing. And god, I have learned that I hate almost all Republicans. So far, that all seem like assholes. Conservative, bible chucking assholes. And i'm sure there are people out there who are like, no!! I am a republican and i'm NICE. Well. I have not met you. Or seen you. Some of the things these guys say just wow me. Even the women standing by their side. It is crazy. Know what happened at the RNC that I pretty much saw no News coverage about outside the internet? WELL. A CNN camera woman was at the RNC doing her job, being a camera woman, and, she was African american. So, what do two republicans do? (not sure if they were delegates or not) They throw peanuts at her, while shouting "this is how we feed animals!!!". WOW. wtf. Really?? And I seriously have heard nothing beyond the internet about this. Messed up. The DNC(democratic national convention) is coming up soon and i'm pretty excited to hear some more speeches and find out more about the candidates. More coverage, more interviews!

 Oh and DragonCon is happening right now and it's not cool that i'm not there :'[ one day, I will be!! And my costume and Nics costume will be coordinated as hell!!!

Also, Nic got me this the other week :D!!!!
Ariel the little mermaid pop doll!!!!!! She is so cute and I love her and It is awesome and now i want them all!!! They have whole series. This is series 3. They have StarWars ones!! I need them in my life, ya know? Just do. Simple as that! So thank you boyfriend :] haha. They also have the Ursula one to go with Ariel and i kind of want that too. She looks pretty wicked.

So I have been watching some videos from this youtuber I found and she is hilarious, great videos, different channels and her gamer videos are pretty awesome as well! I think my favorite video i've watched on her gamer channel is the WoW pop culture references #4. So ya know, WoW is World of Warcraft, a  massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) game. Very addictive. Seriously, addictive. And i'm pretty sure my laptop wont support the game, I desperately need a new one and a desktop. But, i'd probably be addicted if I had a personal desktop with a kick ass video card. ANYWAY!! here is the video, watch it! it's pretty funny whether you play WoW or not :D you'll get it!
She is called Random Panser!
EDIT: So youtube wont let mee post the right video, not sure why, BUT the WoW pop culture ref is HERE :D

Ok thats all today :]
Oh and enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!!! BBQ, Beer and fun!
I'll be mindlessly looking up Doctor Who things this weekend because, ITS BACK TONIGHT!!

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