Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thanks for breaking into my car, now go die.

So last weekend, Saturday to be exact, I was parked downtown nex to warehouse (green room?) next to little woodrows. And since we were running late we payed for parking next to the venue. So what happens when I come out after the show? It's not even that late. Like 11pm maybe. I come out and my back left car window has been bashed in, glass everywhere, an a backpack missing. Thank you crack head hobo who took a bag with 2 shirts and a book (as if you can even read). I hope you overdose. And die. :D So after crying because my car is hurt, and so pretty I can't stand it being hurt, and after some drinks, and after Nics friends hugged and consoled me. All the revenge filled dark wanting to destroy and kill thought flowed in. "I want to find them and watch the f***ing light leave their eyes". Seriously guys, I think I was pretty capable of murder that night lol. I feel better now though. Ordering car stuff Friday :) at least I can enjoy the fact that the turd face got nothing valuable out of my car. We're also getting the windows tinted once the back window is fixed :)
But really, people suck a lot sometimes. I don't care if your homeless or an addict, or just a jerk, mess with the car and I will kill you the moment I get a chance. :D
Hope everyone else had a better time this weekend! Although that was the only bad thing, the rest was pretty awesome.

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