Thursday, September 6, 2012

RNC is Done,Bring the DNC On!

So as the RNC(Republican National Convention) ends,the DNC(Democratic National Convention) comes upon us! Yes, more politics. Now like i said on a previous post here while the RNC was going on, i'm trying to get into politics, I can vote this year and I want to be informed. Possibly count. Though i'm in Texas so i'm pretty sure i'll be a red state. Still, I'll try! Well, I watch the speeches, gather info, just try to learn about who wants to run our country. And yes i'll watch the news on the tv at points, but i am, as you have maybe noticed, an interwebber. So I find the majority of info here. On the nets. Well, I have to say my favorite so far is watching Phillip DeFranco(known youtuber) and Sourcefed(youtube news show) do live shows at the RNC and right now at the DNC. I tend to share a lot of their views in this so it fits me. Their first live show at the DNC is up if you would like to brew some coffee and give your brain some exercise.

Now to be honest. Romney seems like he just might know what he is doing, business wise. But it's his "moral standards" as a Mormon that concern me. Now by all means, be whatever religion you want to, worship a turtle if ya want, just don't force it on me. But, it seems to be what he wants to do. The whole pretty much taking rights away from women, rape victims, incest victims, trying to get rid of planned parenthood (which I think is a great organization), hating on anyone gay, getting rid of Pell Grants(FASFA?), things that seem pretty important in my book, away.Also, he seems to be only  really focusing on the wealthier of America, and not the poor so much. Plus, he has creeper face. I just don't really agree with any republican platforms. Don't even get me started on Rick Santorum.

"You want to know whether we're better off? I've got a little bumper sticker for you: Osama Bin Laden is dead, and General Motors is alive" -Joe Biden , DNC

Obama, on the other hand seems to be a lot more open minded.And not a religious shove it down your throat type. I'm not saying he is Mr. Perfect, but when he got the job, it had already been fucked. But he seems to be on the same level with most issues that concern me. And I like that. He isn't going to put a barrier around my uterus and say, forget about it darlin'.He supports gay marriage, which I totally support, love who ya want dude, just like the whole worship who ya want I mentioned earlier. Now i'm not sure if im a Democrat, or a liberal, or a Republican(probably not though) but so far Obama seems to be the lesser of all the evils. He may not be perfect, but I know he is better then the rest of these assholes. But of course, the economy card comes in, its screwed up. It's been screwed up. And honestly I can admit I don't know too much about it. But this is why i'm researching, listening, learning.

You should too!!

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