Tuesday, March 8, 2011


uuuggghhhh i've been feeling so blah lately, just annoyed.I think that when i have writers block after a while i just start to get all cranky. Its all stuck in my head, stories floating around, each a cloud and i cant quite grasp them. Its very annoying. If i sit down and try to write, i just cant, it will not happen.


Its all rainy.

you know what? i tried to write that happy no one dies and people fall in love story and i stop mid writing and i cant go on. I'm made to write murder horror sci-fi stories, this everyone surviving thing is not working haha. Should i give up on the love story or put it on hold till i'm inspired again? I really am do for another story soon, maybe this gloomy rainy day is a good thing?
haha as typing that,i was a bit inspired my something :p oh fate! your funny.

i think ill call it, The Hunted.

English was boring today, had to do a little group work and i got to say, school wise, i don't do group work well. I just don't like people in my class lol, i cant help it, the minute you say something remotely idiotic, even on accident, i dislike you. I know i know, its a horrible habit and i need to kick it, but its just so automatic now. Why do group work anyway? i can start and finish it on my own, i always end up doing the work any way. I might as well do it on my own. Group partners just end up slowing me down, making me angry and then i throw them off a cliff and somehow im the bad guy -_-' lol, ok minus the last part, thats all up in my head, but still.

You know what? i must say, i'm a very open kind of person, i'm open to ideas, try to be open to people and all that good stuff. But personally, relationship/dating/allthatjazz wise, i'm not a public displays of affection kind of person. It bothers me, it just always has. I can be like that with my girlfriends you know? my bff's, i've known them forever,its normal it ok. With others though, unless i've known you for years like my ladies or JB, i don't do that kind of thing. I know its odd me saying it and feeling that way, but i guess its the whole parents telling me since forever, that you need to truely know someone before you do anything, even from hand holding to kissing to sex to marriage. I think its a logical idea, it makes sense to me. I'm not one of those people who dates someone for a month and is like "oooooh mah gah, i'm sooooooo in loooove! were like sooooooul mates!", its dumb, shutup.

Oh so did i mention to you! Spring break i'm going to Austin :] with the ladies and guess what were going to do? yes yes drink, but guess what else?! we, sir and maddam, are going to go see The Strokes!!! im so giddy and happy about this i really don't know what to do ahhhH!ihwef uubfcierhfncxuhzdixngfuBUIJBCIwefgy r73 yeah, that excited. :D

So remember i entered one of my stories in a competition at my college? Well i got more information on it. Its for a magazine, and its printed every fall/spring semester, and i really hope im chosen as one of the published stories :]

oki have nothing else to say

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