Wednesday, August 29, 2012

killed four people so i'm having a great day!

Si I am in an amazing mood right now! Like lets get things done have coffee i'm happy as hell kind of mood. Well, I think it has to do with the dream I woke up from this morning. I remember the beggining a bit fuzzy, but I was in a parking lot and these assholes were breaking into our cars(3) and stealing mine (purple) AND the broke the window. I was so pissed. beyond. And they saw us ( my family and I) but they kept on going, because they didn't think we could do anything. So we got into this epic fight, like those Boondocks show epic fights. They started to drive off in my car, so I ran at then and hung onto the side with the broken window, unlocked the door. Jumped in.  Three people in the back, fat white guy, some girl, tall guy. I pushed the tall guy out the door with my feet,  I grabbed the girl and I swear, I bit the side of her neck with the main artery and tore as hard as I could! So while the girl and fat white guy were in shock at what i did, I grabber the driver from behind and started to gouge out his eyes while he was driving. He stopped the car. SO i got out and the girl, and the tall guy were left cause the fat white guy ran away. Coward. So the girl came at me, slow mo as epic fights go. And i noticed an ax on the ground. So i grabbed it, and as she came at me, WHAM, right in the chest!! She fell to the ground. The tall guy wasn't giving up though. He was mad i pushed him out of the car. So he came at me and we got into a epic fight. I was not giving up either.eventually (cause the dream jumped) I got him to the ground and i had a razor sharp knife to his neck. And i said, " are you ready?", he closed his eyes and said "just do it". So, I cut, a small cut, and I laughed at him. He open his eyes like they were asking a silent question. I said, " I would never slit your throat, thats horrible!" he looked relived. But, *i reached behind to my pocket and pulled out a hand gun* I will shoot you in the head! :D *Big Smile* and I shot him right in the head!

They started it.

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