Monday, March 28, 2011

Aint it the truth

Hey :)

So remember that writing contest I told you guys about? I submitted my short story "will you be mine?", well it got first place in the fiction section!!! :):):) I'm so happy!
I'm going to explode!

Sorry I'm just uber excited about it. There will be a ceremony, I get a medal, I read an exert from my story and it's going to be in TheMidtownJournal :)

So I'm trying to fall asleep but I really can't :/ see I need to leave a movie on to fall asleep or it's too quiet and I start to feel like a zombie invasion is coming on, ya know? Then I the restless and my mind starts to race :p and I can't stop blogging!!

Well bother me on twitter or something!!! :) bye

I took two sleeping pills too so I hope they kick in soon because I need me some sleep :)

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