Saturday, March 12, 2011

Almost Broken

hellooo :]

so im watching that movie Cinderella Story, and i have to admit, i like it lol, just like i like mean girls. Their both ridiculous but hilarious :] Now, have any of you seen that movie Jennifers body? i know every one was saying it would be bad whenit came out, but you have to see it its way too funny! Its one of my favorite movies to watch haha, im pretty sure girls would like it alot more than boys but give it a shot :]

"your so jello your green jello and you dont even know it!"

oh and my mom almost broke my toes, yeah!! :[ they still huuurrrt, its explained in the video :p

So how has everyone been? :]

So i made a fan page for my blog on facebook, and im liking it alot :] if you want to support join it! the linkis in the side bar --->>

So i need some feedback, what do you think of the videos? stick with it? lose it? Im just wondering!

So JAPAN UPDATE: theres a likely nuclear melt down at the nuclear plant might happen, critical core cooling systems failed at both reactors after the earthquake. - MSNBC

Their evacuating people around the area and are attempting to cool the reactors with water

Here are some random pictures i thought id post too :]

The music playing in the video abouve is La Roux :] their pretty awesome so i advise you go on and check them out <3

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  1. my camera will randomly take great pictures :]