Tuesday, March 15, 2011

oh humanity!

I posted this video for a reason, i love the lyrics and right now the lyrics make even more sense, their true and its all so annoying. My close friends will understand why this video makes sense to me, arrg.

Some people are just so stupid, so idiotic, so moronic, that it dose not even make sense! Most people have common sense, you touch a hot stove and you know its hot, it hurt,, it burnt and i wont do it again. But oh, their has to be people who defy this. They go on and touch the stove again, and again, and again. And just when their clutching their bloody and burnt had, they touch the stove again. My old pet hamster Rose has more sense than some people, its pretty amazing. I mean, i guess some people are just raised stupid, they were never taught common sense, but dont you eventually learn it on your own? going through life, your bound to learn it right? Then there are those who are legit born slow, their not stupid, their just slow and actually dont know any better. People who make fun of them, are usually the true morons. Then there are those who choose to be stupid, oh yes, you can choose. Some choose to not further their education, to do drugs( actual drugs like meth), those who decide to not learn more about the world outside their state, those who are narrow minded, those are the fools i cannot stand, who i just refuse to associate with most of the time. Though sometimes its just unavoidable, and you have to just sit back and watch them like the three ring circus they are.

yay for blog venting whooo!!!

SO! im leaving for austin tomorrow and were restricted to one bag a lady :p i can work it haha, but im bringing my yoga mat to sleep on so the floor dosent screw up my back, ya know. ahh i cant wait for thursday! St. Patricks Day plus The Strokes!? its the best combination ever! that, plus magaritas and possible green beer? oh yeah. I honestly just want a sip of green beer for the sake of having green beer :] i know it dosent taste ant different but its St. Pattys Day! or it will be. whoo!! Remember to wear green!

Ill be taking a lot of footage of the show and everything, so check back on, lets say, saturday night for a montage and show videos? :]

Now here are some randoms :]

And ill leave you some tunes to check out! Since its march, its the Anniversary of the death of Selena Quintilla Perez. She was known as the Queen of Tejano, she was shot by her friend and president of her fan club. Selena was 23 when she died, about 3 weeks from her next birthday and her 3 year wedding anniversary to her husband Chris Perez. She was my first inspiration to sig when i was little, i didnt know what i was saying, since it was in spanish, but i sang it. I wanted to be just like Selena. <3 Support, remember and listen

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