Friday, March 25, 2011

Smile like you mean it

So guess what? i got a 95 on my last sociology exam! oh yeah
Im  awesome :]

So up there is a video of my friend Henery, ive posted his videos here before because he is pretty amazing. He is a one man band, WithoutAFace! check out his other videos and music, hhis lyrics are hilarious! He did a cover of The Killers Smile like you mean it and its pretty awesome! Do me a favoer and support him? he is too talented not to yo!

So ive been watching my nephew Aiden today, he is so smelly lol i call him shmelly :p

Im going to eat hot pot and crawfish tonight with the girls :] i dont think anyone understands how much i love crawfish, its amazing! i love almost all seafood :] have you have seafood gumbo? its effin' awesome! i got to say, squid is the best lol, i was iffy at first but it taste so good, especially when its fried yumyummm.

that pic is suppose to be animated, if its not sorry lol, its ariel the little mermaid!

ill post pictures later from dinner :]

Listening to The Killers!

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