Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bikini Challenge!

Hello :]
how goes it?

well, since its been getting warmer outside here in Houston i tend to work out more, go running at the track that kind of stuff. I like to be outside watching the world and all that, you know? So i dont reallyy like going to a gym, where sweaty people have sat where im sitting, it smells like sweat, strangers looking at me, me hating anyone that breathes. So! Solution! work out at home right? but i dont really know what to do. So i started following this YouTuber ToneUp, and they are awesome! and for girls, so these two are perfect. I did the Bikini abs workout and i love it, its easy and you feel it. Do 3 reps of this video and your set for the day :] Tell me if ya like it!

I love their workout, and their food suggestions :]

So right now im working on 2 new stories for my second blog, but its hard to work on em' with all this essay school papers shit. Im trying to balance it all, like set aside days for essays and days for free writing. Im planning to enter more competitions and contests for short stories too :] my english professor said she would help me. yay! i hope i win a huge contest soon.

So im waiting on my psych class at 9:30am to start, its sort of ugly today, gloomy and rainy :p

i really have nothing to say hahaha, im like rambling on about random things :p sorry!
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