Saturday, October 13, 2012

A day in the life!

Well today I went to pick out a pair if glasses since the year is ending and I'm picking up contacts too. I found these! Only like 60$ so yay good price! And they look like my dads, when he first joined the Navy and was a polywog lol.
Found this dress for 5$ :) super cute! Got it at Ross! I really love that store you find pretty great deal everywhere lol I also found this amazing purse for 40$ that I am obsessed with now, but didn't get it. Had to post a pic though! It's brand is called BigBuddha :)
So ya!
Going to a SecondLovers surprise show, they are playing with some band called NO! and TheJealousSound, never heard of them but people say they are great. It's free 21+ at Fitz, downstairs! :) I'll be going!

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