Monday, October 15, 2012

Burgers and chair burning

Took a trip over to the LaPorte for surprise delicious burgers :) I ate mine with spinach so I was pretty happy. Nic seasoned them and the were yummy! I've never really been out around there but damn it's pretty there. And the bay was so close, we took a ride in a golf cart and I got to see it :) saw sail boats out there and people water skiing lol. We were suppose to go to Renfest yesterday but surprise showers stopped us :/ it's ok though we are just going to go on a different weekend :)
The Fitz show on Saturday was pretty awesome too, minus the usual bs, it was great :) saw some other bands if never heard of either. Called NO! And The Jealous Sound, they were pretty cool but honestly I wasn't paying them too much attention lol. Hadn't seen nic in like two weeks so :) he had my attention.
Today is laundry day :|

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