Saturday, October 27, 2012

Do I Scare You? Sleepless writing.

*i couldn't sleep the other day and I ended up writing this little number. Horror/fiction as usual, it's what I like. Nothing intricate, just some creative juicyness*

Do I scare you? I should. I know your type. Big bad and obviously the pack leader. A frat rat, loud mouth want to be, your nothin but a date rape waiting to happen. You hunt and consider yourself the top predator. Walking around like everything is yours and any one here is yours for the taking. You think yourself mighty, but the truth is, you're the weak. And I am the strong.
You need to realise that you've brought this upon yourself. Constantly bragging. Always in my way trying to catch a number or word that I would never throw to someone like you. But you, well you just don't take to kindly to rejection. So you taunt. Harass. But you've made a terrible mistake, you see, I am the top predator. Camouflaged, masked and hiding in the shadows. Readily waiting to rip out your throat and let you float away slowly.
I waited around the area you hunted. A dank coffee shop, filled with flowers waiting to be ripped apart by you. And there you were, like a little bee jumping from flower to flower buzzing with over confidence. Sickening. You walked out. But there I was, waiting in the shadows, ready to pull you into the deep darkness you have so well earned. You struggled a bit, but I like a little fight, I like to play with my food. I took out my knife, oh the warm stories it could tell, and I dragged it over your throat. It felt like cutting up a roast with one slice, but a bit more fulfilling. You let out this sweet pathetic wet gasp. You tried to breathe as if you really had a chance. I couldn't help but smile at your last sad act to hang onto your little life. Clawing away at something you couldn't grasp. You looked right into my eyes. And I knew at that moment you finally under stood.
You, are the weak. And I, am the strong.
I leaned over you, and I softly asked with a smile,
"Do I scare you now?..I should"
And then your light was gone.


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