Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Out of commission

I feel that writing wise, creative writing wise, I've been totally and completely out of commission. I have plenty of stories in my head and I write them up there too, but I haven't put a pen to paper for them. I don't know why, but when I do I just stop. Its not that i don't like what I have to write. Though I know I stick to writing mystery and horror, and have tons of stories in my head, quite good ones, I just cant seem to get them out. Killing off people in fiction when you cant punch them in the face in reality is what fuels my stories. And I definitely have not stopped wanting to punch people in the face. In fact the lost has grown. It just feels like trying to run through thick gummy dense mud, try as you might, you remain stuck. Hard core writers block? I have on the other hand been painting a lot. Everything like that happens to me in clumps. It sounds weird but it's how I describe it. Maybe I'll try to get some writing done soon. Or finish some of the stories taking up electronic space on my flash drive. I also haven't been sleeping well either! At all. Thus my writing this rambling non important post.

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