Friday, October 19, 2012

Make yourself some spicy tomato soup!

So I am always making my spicy tomato soup and I really do think it it pretty awesome :] I'm a big spicy food fan so, if you're not all for spice, be careful! My mom tried it and started coughing lol she is really not a spicy person but said it smelled to good she had to try it. So here it goes! 

Start off with duh, Campbell's Tomato Soup, or Campbells Sun Dried Tomato Soup. Both are great, but i'm liking the Yellow a bit more :]

Poor in a pot along with a can full of water, stir and heat!

Now it's time for chopping. Bring out some onion and red bell peppers :] chop up a very good amount, or as much or little as you'd like :] I use a lot of both. 

Now spices! A few shakes of parsley, a couple of shakes of Cayenne Pepper for great spice,  a little of Mrs. Dashs chicken flavoring, a few turns of fresh ground pepper!

Stir well and bring to a simmer!

Now, pour and enjoy!

Its my favorite fall/winter soup to make :]

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