Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The written word

Know what I found myself reminiscing about? The poetry club I was in back in high school. Only things I loved then were choir, English class, and of course poetry club. I use to get really nervous about public speaking (still am) but that club got me a bit out of my shell. Posting my stories and poetry on here is one thing, but being in front of a group, all eyes on you, nerve wrecking. I remember one night I recited a 2ish page poem, and it actually made people cry, I was proud. Who wouldn't be? The club started to fall through, people get busy, the teacher too, the cafe closed, life happens. It was always my favourite thing to do. I think i consider myself to be an avoident type of person. I don't like social settings too much, I tend to feel awkward at parties. If I meet new people I genuinely seem like I'm not interested, but it's just that I like to watch people and figure them out. I won't have anything worth saying till after I do figure them out. Now, with all the jobs I've had, I can force myself to be social and friendly when I have to, but that's not totally me.i think I'd benefit from poetry club again, writings is who I am so it's an easier social setting to be in for me. Plus I like hearing other writers work. And when they recite it them selves, your hearing it the way it's meant to be heard. You hear the pain, happiness, remorse or lack of conscience. It's pretty great. I wonder if my college has any thing like that, I honestly haven't checked. I'll have to check.

I really need to start writing more.

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