Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Daria, Katara, Ramona Flowers and why they are awesome

So I'm already mauling over costume ideas for this October :) planning early so maybe I'll end up with a home made costume :)
Now, even thinking about doing Andy of these as coustumes gets me all giddy! I swear, I'd freak put in happiness!
One idea is Katara! From One of my favorite cartoons Avatar the Last Airbender! Katara is a water bender helping the avatar to leant and defeat the evil fire lord Ozai :) great show. She is awesome, talented and the glue of the group. I want her character costume from book 3, when they are hiding in the fire nation :)

Another idea is Ramona Flowers! From the graphic novel Scott Pilgrim vs the World!! She is Scott's eventual love interest, takes shortcuts through sub space, and always had odd colored hair. She is a badass. Now there are a few character costume ideas for her, but the hair and steam punk goggles are what I'd need, I think she is pure epixness.

And the classic uber awesome Daria (nananaanana) haha. I use to watch this when I was little and loved her, she was dripping with sarcasm and every episode always had me laughing. And she made me feel better about being a girl with glasses :) this character costume would be simple but I'd have to buy every thing for it, the costly part would probably be the boots but, it would be badass!

I can't completely choose right now
It's too difficult haha I love them all

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