Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Interviews, Music and Tea, oh my

Well i'm winding down the day with come sleepy time tea, king of the hill and some sweet bloggin'. Oh yes. Today I had an interview with a certain jewelry store and i'm thinking it went totally great! I was actually a little nervous since I know nothing about the jewelry industry, I don't really buy jewelry my self, all of it is handed down to me by my mom and grandma and so on. Most of my experience is writing related or food industry related. I was a bit worried. But the guy i interviewed with was very cool. They are totally willing to train. When he started, he said " I do want a qualified person, but i don't want to just hire a robot to work, we want to hire a real person, someone who can create relationships with our customers, and so far, you seem like just that person". I actually said "ha, cool!" -_-" I think he knows i'm some kind of cheery geek. He asked questions about previous jobs, why I left, why i want to work here now. And I really do. I want to get into the jewelry industry! so i'm hoping this goes well! His manager in training came out to talk to me about the "business aspect" of the interview, and she asked me to sell her *this pen. So I did my and and she was like yus! that's good you really did a great job! :D haha. It was sort of fun. Over all they said i'll probably get a call soon-and interview with the regional manager soon :] I have a great feeling about this!I think I would do a fantastic job there :D

Also I (well Nic) got a cd from a band he performed with in Austin, they are called The Lennings, and they are pretty awesome! I'm about to load up the songs cause after this post Nic is going to want this back haha :] But for sure go check em out. Now i'm waiting on The Blackwells to finally make a cd before I die of impatience.

FYI secondlovers will be playing tomorrow night at Fitz open mic night, so come on out if ya want, i may or may not be there but yeah :] it'll be fun!

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